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Our restaurant is appropriate for different programmes. Our next offer:

a karaoke party on 4 Dec 2010!

The microphones can be used form 8 o?clock in the evening, you can start it after dinner!

It?s free!

Everyone is welcome!!!


Our restaurant is appropriate for exclusive programmes. We have two, totally seperable rooms, so we can guarantee the uninterruption of the program while the restaurant serves the other guests.

The capacity

  • Blue room: 80 person
  • Red room: 140 person
  • Terrace: 120 (it can expandable to 200) person


We undertake to realize all programme ideas. We have some ideas:

  • product show,
  • corporate program (for companies),
  • wedding party,
  • baptizing,
  • wedding anniversary,
  • farewell ceremony,
  • birthday party...


We have menu in three language (Hungarian, English, German). It can be live music if you want!

Please, ask our special offers!